Thread: Need help with beginner pointer functions.

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    Need help with beginner pointer functions.

    Hello I am new here hopefully I won't have broken any rules by the end of this post but I need help with my project. The goal is to include these 3 pointer functions into my code(replacing whatever needs to be replaced) the functions are void halve(int* number) void readAge (int* age), and void writeAge(int age). I don't expect anyone to do it for me but if anyone could give an simple similar example that would be amazing. Here is my code(hopefully I get the tag to work). If my indentation is off it's the copy paste but it looks good in the compiler.

    int readAge(void);
    void writeAge(int age);
    int main(void) {
       int age;
       age = readAge();
       printf("Double that time and... \n", age);
       writeAge( 2 * age);
       printf("Wow that's old! \n", age);
       printf("Now if I cut your age in half... \n", age);
       writeAge(age / 2);
       printf("Haha you're almost a kid again! \n", age);
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    int readAge(void )
       int age;
       printf("How old are you?");
       scanf("%d", &age);
       return age;
    void writeAge(int age)
        printf("You are %d!\n\n", age);

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    void func_pointer( int * para)
         scanf("%d", para); // it's 'para' and not "&para", since para yields an address already; 
    int main()
        int bleh; 
        func_pointer(&bleh); // pass the the address of 'bleh' instead of the value of bleh
    Edit: wait, this is C-code. you should've posted this in the C board, instead of the C++ board.
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    I feel slightly mentally handicapped..... Thats why I could never find any help for this because I thought it was c++...... Btw your answer did compile but the program acts funny. Is there any way to move topic or do I just need to delete and make a new one?

    Edit: Actually I just made a new one but I don't know how to delete this one.
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