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    Well, if that is going to count as different answers than so is my `abc->ABC::C::B:rint2()', `abc->::ABC::C::B:rint2()', `abc->ABC::B:rint2()', and `abc->::ABC::B:rint2()'.

    Yea, right.

    The class `ABC' only has one `B' which is inherited through `C' thus those methods are all the same.

    If differences in syntax is all that is required, I have an infinite number of answers.


    Dude from private message, if you have something to say about what I say relevant to a thread don't hesitate to keep it there.

    I honestly doubt that anyone else would have even noticed the ambiguity and missing function definitions.
    Anyway, by that I mean that I assume that I'm the only one who'd bother to look due to the obvious answer (std::cout << "CORRECT OUTPUT".


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