Thread: Best book for transitioning from C# to C++

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    Best book for transitioning from C# to C++

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for books that would help me to transition my OOP and C# knowledge into C++ fast and easy.

    I have been learning software development for 3.5 years and I know OOP and I also know C# and Java.

    But my interest in programming has grown and I want to do win32 programming. I have done extensive research in that area already and I understand most of the underling concepts.

    But my problem is that I cannot do the necessary hooking in managed code as the articles in the internet have said.

    So my plan is to do the necessary hooking and win32 programming in C++, but the programming in C++ is so different from C# that snooping around in the internet does not help me with getting a coherent understanding of how to write OOP in C++.

    I'm in a situation where I want to be able to modify the source code found in the internet, but I'm not able to understand completely how to construct it in C++ and when there are some errors then it is quite hard to fix the problems.

    So I'm not searching for a book that tells me when to use public or private keys, what are loops for, or what is generic object, classes or inheritance.

    But I'm searching a book that will show and explain me the syntax of the principles above.

    I have found a book that i believe is the best choice at the moment.
    C++ primer plus 5th edition - but I also see that it has a lot of information that i don't need and it would be a waste of time just to read 1000 pages to find the details i need.

    After that i will read windows via c/c++ which seems to be the best choice to learn win32 programming.

    So does anyone know a book that would suit my needs the best and teach me C++ syntax?

    Your help will be well appreciated

    Best Regards,
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    Look for beginner C# books on Amazon.

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