Thread: how to call c++ function from c# program ?

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    how to call c++ function from c# program ?

    what is the techniuqe to call c++ functions from c# ?
    I need code example for it , (to see the parameters and arguments )
    and instructions how to compile it.
    I have visual studio professional 2010.

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    First understand that we are not at your beckon call. Second we need to see some type of attempt or stab at this before we help.

    I'll give you this hint for now. You cannot call directly into C++ via P/Invoke. For that you will need a managed class that maintains an unmanaged pointer and exposes a public method that calls the C++ method via the unmanaged pointer.

    On a side note you seem to have a recent history of posting vague questions here with the intent that people will spoon feed you the answer. I recommend you read our forum guidelines as to the correct usage of this forum as well as suggestions on how to ask questions.
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