Thread: Goto statements, good or bad?

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    use FUNCTIONS!

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    Originally posted by biosx
    IMHO, if you can't program without goto's, then you can't program. Not to be harsh, but procedural programming should be structured. goto's violate structured programming. I should be able to look at a flowchart of your program and be able to trace a line from beginning to end without having to lift my pencil.

    goto's are probably the lamest thing on the planet. continue's are up in the top 10.
    Your missing the point.....its not a messure of ability or even preference........occasionally goto will have its uses.....otherwise it would be taken out of the standard.......

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    In short, goto is fine in assembly and needed. JMPs are essentially gotos. In C/C++, there is always a better way.

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    Originally posted by biosx

    goto's are probably the lamest thing on the planet. continue's are up in the top 10.
    In 18 months of programming, I've never found a use for continue. i know 18 months isn't long but I thought I might have used it by now.

    Btw, I've never used goto either

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    I think this whole qestion on to GOTO or not to GOTO is dumb

    I totally agree with

    Fordy- goto has its occ uses
    Bubba- the whole thing he said

    Again i'll repeat.. that the UNREG guy said to use while in the case ESPARNO asked but as you said that DO executes and then chks i suggest that it will be better to use it than while

    Also, i think a lot of people just say that gotos shouldn't be used blah blah blah.. to sound but i have used GOTOs 1000's of times and not encounterd a single problem yet.

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    gotos are needed when you have just typed thousands of lines and you realize you need to repeat somthing

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