Thread: user defined class with overloaded insertion and stream extraction ?

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    user defined class with overloaded insertion and stream extraction ?

    This code is using string. How do I change the data type to integer and obtain the same type of results or near. If shown to me I'm sure I can complete the next three required steps.

    Thanks in advance

    #include <iostream>
    #include <iomanip>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;

    class POINT
    friend ostream &operator<<( ostream &, const POINT & );
    friend istream &operator>>( istream &, POINT & );
    string xCoordinate; // 3-digit
    string yCoordinate; }; // 4-digit

    ostream &operator<<( ostream &output, const POINT &var )
    output << var.xCoordinate << "." << var.yCoordinate;
    return output; }

    istream &operator>>( istream &input, POINT &var )
    input >> setw( 3 ) >> var.xCoordinate; // input x
    input.ignore(); // skip period (.)
    input >> setw( 4 ) >> var.yCoordinate; // input y
    return input; // cin >> x >> y;

    int main()
    POINT point;

    cout << "Enter point in the form 456.7890:" << endl;
    cin >> point;

    cout << "The number entered was: ";
    cout << point << endl;

    system ("CLS");

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    If you change the data type of the member variables to int (from string), I don't actually see anything that needs to change much. If you want to print things as 037.0009, then you'll have to look in <iomanip> for the flag to left-fill with zeroes

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    Ooooo Thank you tabstop. I was not sure if I even had it had it half way right though it was looking good to me. Now I see I needed to add some of the other I/O manipulators to get this code going before moving into the fun stuff that I do have a clue about.

    I just now included this:
    cout << setw(3) << setfill('0') << point << '\n';
    And now I can type 123.1234 and it will output 123.1234 ... but before (type as string) I did not have to type the period. It would pop in automatically. I guest I'll figure out why latter but for now WOW! And to think I was about to change everything and loss it all and not recover. I almost lost faith. Thanks again

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