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    Variable For Loops

    I'm try to make a For loop inside a do while loop that varies its (the For's) parameters depending on user input within the while loop. The thing is that it works, but it crashes once the programs finishes. Here's the code:

    do {
    for (i = in1; i <in2; ++i) {
    if (condition=answer1) {
    else if (condition=answer2) {
    } while (loop=true);
    Basically, Function() prints a std::map with its iterator changing, indirectly, depending on the loop variable "i". I've been playing around with the code a bit, and it works when instead of variables in1 and in2 they are fixed numbers. But when replaced with variables, the program runs, it prints the map and then crashes. The error report comes from windows, its the one that goes "'program.exe' has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience." I'm sure I'm doing something I'm not supposed to. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Surely you're using == instead of = in all your if statements?

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    For starters, you should format your code properly, e.g.,
    do {
        for (i = in1; i < in2; ++i) {
        if (condition = answer1) {
            in1 += 10;
            in2 += 10;
        else if (condition = answer2) {
            loop = false;
    } while (loop = true);
    Then, you should fix the cases where you use = when it looks like you intended to use ==.
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    Nothing in the portion of code you've posted can cause a crash.
    As for Whatever's in 'Function' and the rest of the code though, who knows.
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    Here whats in Function(). I didn't copy it because I used the same coding in other programs( as is) and didn't get any problems, so I thought it wasn't necesary.

     if ((*pos).first != "") {
                    cout<<" ("<< (*pos).second<<") Name: "<<(*pos).first<<endl;
    @tabstop: Yes. I'm using ==. For the sake of laziness, I didn't copy the code exactly as is.

    Another thing, I don't understand iterators that well. At first when I wrote my code I tried to make the iterator pos go accordingly to the loop variable "i" but I didn't know how. Finally, I ended up using ++pos ( which work perfectly well for what I'm trying to do). Anybody can tell me how to access an nth element in a map?

    EDIT: @iMalc: I think I know what's wrong with the program. I changed the in1 and in2 variables to set numbers like 10 and 20 in the For loop, respectively, and it worked perfectly well.
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