Thread: problem with large number factorial calculation

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    problem with large number factorial calculation

    I need to calculate 100!. And I want to use vector instead of array.

    Can anybody give me an example of vector. So that I can try it for calculate 100!. I'm using Turbo C.

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    Interesting, did you join this forum because it features highly in mentions of "Turbo C" ?

    FWIW, your compiler is obsolete.

    Try something developed AFTER the standards were released, and up to date for your operating system.
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    Neither vectors nor arrays are going to help you calculate 100!, that is, unless you are writing a bignum library. In which case, you should already know how vector works.

    If you are not writing a bignum library, then that's what you need to be looking for. GMP is the best for Linux. iMalc's is the easiest, IMHO, to use on Windows.

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