Thread: Can C# convert to C++ 6

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    Unhappy Can C# convert to C++ 6



    Need help badly

    website: Virtual Serial Port Cookbook -

    On the above mentioned website, I was require the use of the Virtual Serial Port - Simple Terminal for Final Year Project as a Full-Time Student in Singapore.

    But the requirements needs me to work on Visual C++ 6, is it possible with the Simple Terminal under C# to convert into Visual C++ 6 or anyone out there can do into Visual C++ 6, MFC Format?
    Project type: dsw (workspace).

    Urgent need this to be done asap as I currently left 20 days to solve this problem.


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    if you just want it done for you, you're out of luck. our policy is not to do homework for people, but instead to help them do it themselves.

    if you don't know both languages (C++ and C#), you're going to have a lot of trouble with this one. 20 days is not an unreasonable amount of time to develop the skills necessary to do this, but it will certainly be a challenge. there is lots of information out on the net about how to communicate with serial ports and USB devices in C++, and is readily available via a google search.

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    20 days, you better get started. Happy coding!

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    Closed for obvious reasons.

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