Thread: C++ (Help needed)

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    C++ (Help needed)

    Hello everyone.

    I am new to programming. I have a few questions about C++ (libraries and functions)

    1) Firstly can anyone tell me the difference between a C++ library and help file?

    2) Also how can I access the C++ library in visual c++?

    3) Is it possible to view the code of the built in functions in C++?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    1. Uh ... everything? A C++ library is precompiled binary code that implements some sort of functionality, and exposes an interface for programmers to use that functionality in their own programs. Any .dll on your system is a library (perhaps not necessarily a C++ library, but in some language); you have libraries for processing music and video files, libraries for dealing with the innards of Windows, libraries for compressing/decompressing files, etc. A help file is a file that contains human-readable information about a topic.

    2. Based on question 1, I'll ask: do you mean a library or a help file?

    3. I have been told yes, but I haven't gone looking for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALI84 View Post
    3) Is it possible to view the code of the built in functions in C++?
    it really depends on what you mean by "built in." if you mean features of the language, like sizeof(), typeid(), etc, then you'd need access to the compiler source, and with visual C++, unless you're a microsoft employee on the VC++ dev team, you're out of luck.

    if you're referring to library functions, with visual C++ you're still out of luck, but there are plenty of open source implementations of the standard librar(y/ies) that are viewable by anyone.

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