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    string question

    I am trying to load a file using a string as a file name. This is the class that uses the string to load in the file.
    class Texture
    	int m_width;					//width of the image
    	int m_height;					//height of the image
    	unsigned char* m_pixels;		//pixel data
    	Texture(std::string fileName);
    	int getWidth();
    	int getHeight();
    	unsigned char* getPixels();
    In the fuction for the drawer class, I create a new Texture, and supply a string for the file to load in. (only related code posted). m_currentLevel is a Level class.
    getFloorTexName() simply returns the string of the filename used for the floor texture.
    std::string texName = m_currentLevel->getFloorTexName();
    Texture* texture = new Texture(texName);
    GLuint ID = loadTexture(texture);
    Using this code, the program compiles just fine, but I get this error when I run it.
    Access violation reading location 0x00000018.
    The compiler is pointing to this function in the <xstring> header file.
    size_type size() const
    {	// return length of sequence
             return (this->_Mysize);
    Am I not using the string class correctly? What is causing this error?

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    Sounds like the same kind of problem you asked about earlier today. Check your pointers to string objects. My guess is that it's in getFloorTexName.
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    I am not using pointer for my strings. getFloorTexName() returns a string object, not a pointer. I'm going to step through my code and see if I can't see anything wrong.

    EDIT- ok I know what the problem is, I just don't know how to fix it, but I think I will try it on my own. (Shouldn't be too hard to figure out if I look at it for awhile.)
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