Thread: Allegro sprite animation?

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    Question Allegro sprite animation?

    Ok so this is the image which contains all possible movements:
    And this is the code that moves the sprite:
    if(key [KEY_LEFT]) x-=1 ; //walks left
                if((key [KEY_LEFT]) && (key [KEY_R])) x-=2; //runs left
                if(key [KEY_RIGHT]) x+=1; // walks right
                if((key [KEY_RIGHT]) && (key [KEY_R])) x+=2; //runs right     
                if(key [KEY_DOWN]) y+=1; //walks down
                if((key [KEY_DOWN]) && (key [KEY_R])) y+=2; //runs down       
                if(key [KEY_UP]) y-=1; // walk up
                if((key [KEY_UP]) && (key [KEY_R])) y-=2; //runs up
    How can i make it do the right animation? Please HELP!!
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    Have you read this:

    I will have a look myself at how to do it meanwhile.

    I think you need to have all the possible movements in separate frames
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    I'm assuming that you can blit out of a portion of the bitmap?

    When you load your character bitmap, set up a struct something like this
    #define NUM_DIRECTIONS 4
    #define NUM_POSES 4
    struct character_anim {
        int x, y, w, h;
    You'll be repeating the centre pose, by drawing 1, 2, 3, 2

    When you're actually moving, add this
    if((key [KEY_LEFT]) && (key [KEY_R])) {
        pose = ( pose + 1 ) % NUM_POSES;
        dirn = 0;
    When you've moved, simply blit out from anim[dirn][pose]
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