Thread: What does c_str() do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eman
    oh and[0] is not the same thing..
    hold on what're you saying (baffled), that the characters are like member variables of the string object?
    With the implementation that I have in mind, the characters belong to a dynamically allocated array. There is a pointer member in the String object that points to the first character of this dynamically allocated array.

    When you access s[0], it accesses[0], returning it by reference. Therefore, the address of s[0] is the address of[0]. Hence, if &s is equal to &s[0], then &s is equal to &[0].
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    Quote Originally Posted by tabstop View Post
    So if I have a class that looks exactly the same..................
    oh crap.i see what you mean..thanks

    the "[]" is like overloaded operators which behaves like a function..
    ah yeah, I get you.
    Thanks for clarifying that!
    You ended that sentence with a preposition...Bastard!

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