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    Class arrays

    I have two classes. The .h files go something like this:

    class ClassA {
    ClassA::ClassA(int x, char array1[], char array2[]);  <-- constructor which sets some private variables
    class ClassB {
    ClassA classArr[];
    ClassB::readFile(string path);
    inside readFile(string path) function this line causes the program to die and the IDE gives me no error, just crashes. I want to know what's wrong with this assignment.
    classArr[i] = ClassA(anInt, aCharArr, aCharArr2);
    EDIT: Okay, so I guess the issue was that since I only defined the array in header file, I never gave it a size.
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    Ooh, we get to guess what's in all the dots! This is exciting.

    Probably i has gone out of bounds.

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