Thread: Event driven console application

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    Event driven console application

    Has anyone come across a relatively simple event management class that can be used in a console application?

    Here is what I want to do:

    (1) The main function would wait for event and dispatch the actions based on event type:

      while (event) {
        do something 
    (2) The events would be triggered by various functions implemented in the application, eg.

      trigger event1
      trigger event2
    Typical scenario that the app will be running is something like this:

    generate event (read stdin) -> do something that returns callback -> callback triggers next event (eg. next line from stdin) -> do something that returns another callback -> ...

    This is supposed to be a multi-platform app so I would like to keep it close to standard C++

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    The nearest you're going to get to multi-platform is using ncurses on your POSIX hosts, and pdcurses on Win32
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