Thread: chess bitrepresentation - OO question

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    chess bitrepresentation - OO question


    I want to create a chess game. I am at the stage of looking for the best data structures for my board.

    Board representation (chess) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In the given link they talk about different representations for a chess board.

    They talk a lot about bitrepresentation. My question is they represent the pieces of the game
    by bits but the OO way is to create a class parent class Piece with derived classes King, Queen, etc... .
    How do you keep this OO structure and use these bitmaps? Or am I seeing this wrong?

    Thank you

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    Thank you for your link, but I think I didn't explain my question enough.

    When you create a 8x8 array as a board you can put on every cell a piece. That piece is a member of the class Piece. From this class there are other classed derived from like King, Queen, etc... where you put all information about those pieces in. This was my first taught.

    But when you use a bitboard you can't work like this? Or am I wrong?

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    It is well known amoung implementors of chess AI that in order to get it running at a decent speed, having the most efficient representation of boards possible, is critical.
    As such it is necessary to forego the usual happy world of OOP, objects, heirarchies, and highly-readable-code, at least in terms of the bitboard level. That doesn't mean it's effectively obfuscated, it just means that you do your OOP at a higher level.
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    You can still do OO with bitboard representation. The board class uses an internal bitfield to represent the board. But when you place a piece on the board, the place piece function takes a Piece class. The Piece class could, for example, contain information about what numerical value would represent that piece, and the board could use that and set and appropriate bits.
    When using the get piece function, the board could simply create a Piece object, fill it out and return it.
    Yes, it may not ideal and it might not be the best solution, but it works. The only thing you have to do is find a clever way to "hide" or encapsulate the bitboard implementation into some usable interface.
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