Thread: Using SWIG to wrap a C++ class for use in Java

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    Using SWIG to wrap a C++ class for use in Java


    Has anyone here ever used SWIG before to get your C++ library to java?

    I have a method that is declared like so

    unsigned char** classify()

    and I want to be able to use this method in java - preferrably returning to a byte array.

    What do I need to do to my swig interface file so that it will let me have this type of return? So far, when I try to use the classify method in java, like:

    byte[][] = p.classify()

    It tells me that the return type of classify is void

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    more info:

    I have a c++ function declared as

    unsigned char** classify

    I am using the following inteface file in SWIG
    %module PWrap
    %include "std_string.i"
    %include "arrays_java.i"
    %apply byte[][] {unsigned char**};
    #include "Classifier.h"
    %include "Classifier.h"
    which generated some files, including a SWIGTYPE_p_p_unsigned_char object

    Now, heres where I try to use this C++ function in java:

    SWIGTYPE_p_p_unsigned_char data = pc.classify();//this works, but i cant do anything with the data object execept pass it to other C++ functions expecting unsigned char**
    byte[][] data2 =pc.classify();//this does not work

    So I really just need to know how to do the mapping to get that SWIGTYPE out of there, and be able to use btye correctly

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