Thread: Help with C++ microsoft visual studio

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    Help with C++ microsoft visual studio

    hey iam taking a C++/introduction to programing i installed microsoft visual studios 2008...first it was great,but after about 2 month,a serious problem started to show up...let me explain:
    i created a project "assignment 1" for instance and i did run it and compile it and then ,nothing was wrong...after that i created another project "assignment 2",and when i run it ,assignment 1 compile shows up,so i closed assignment 1,and tried to compile assignment2 again,but still the same i deleted assignment1...and the problem was solved...........
    the assignment 2 was build and run,lets call this run 1....after that,i tried to change the code,and after i pressed "build run",it displayed the run1,no matter what i change in the code, it keeps displaying run1.
    so i got frustrated,deleted visual studios and installed code blocks,it was okay at first,but then the same problem emerged again!!!
    can someone please help,i have the final next monday

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    In visual studio there is what we call solutions or workspace in codeblocks. It can contain many projects just like what you did I think. To active it you have to right click on the project then select "set as startup project" and "activate project" in codeblocks.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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