Thread: Help me figure out how to use STL map containers

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    Help me figure out how to use STL map containers

    edit: oops, solved it on my own
    turns out SOCKET is an int anyway.


    Hi, I have encountered the first time I need to use the STL map container and it's confusing me.

    Firstly I will describe the situation:
    I am programming a simple winsock2 server.
    My client objects contain the socket objects. (apart from the listener)
    My client objects are stored in a STL list contained in the core server object.

    I am looping through the fd_set outputted by select() and I must find a way to reference the client objects from the socket objects in the fd_set member array fd_array. I believe I need to use a hash table to do so, hence why I need to understand maps. I wouldn't be having problems if it was a simple map of normal data types, but things seem to get confusing if you want anything more than just ints/floats/longs etc. I believe the map must be defined as follows:

    std::map<SOCKET,std::list<ribClient*>::iterator> sockMap;

    (except with a 3rd argument for the comparison function that I have to make)
    That will allow me to find the list iterator for the client which contains the SOCKET, I think.
    What confuses me is how I make the comparison function; I have been reading about maps and it seems my comparison function must output whether one SOCKET is lower than the other... how is it possible for a SOCKET to have a higher or lower value than any other SOCKET? Am I doing this totally wrong or have I encountered a genuine problem to overcome?

    Also, how does the insert argument for position work? I understand that it is a map iterator, but where is the best place to have it pointing to?

    Thanks for the help.
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    How do you think map would compare two pointers?

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    You don't need to use the version of insert that takes an iterator, it's only an optimisation hint, which isn't useful in this case.
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