Thread: File rename script (char <--> string)

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    File rename script (char <--> string)


    I'm trying create basic script for renaming files with date included. If I rename only char oldname to newname without date included it's working but when I include date it seems like it's string after and renamed can be only char... Even I tried restream string back to char I have a problems as

    initializer fails to determine size of `newname1' because of "#define MAX_DATE 12"

    I'm trying find way how basically rename files from original to new with current date included...

    Any idea?



    #include <sstream>
    #include <time.h>
    #define MAX_DATE 12
       time_t now;
       char the_date[MAX_DATE];
       the_date[0] = '\0';
       now = time(NULL);
       if (now != -1)
          strftime(the_date, MAX_DATE, "%d_%m_%Y", gmtime(&now));
       string datex = the_date;
       string file1 = "filename" + datex + ".TXT";
       stringstream ss;
       char replace1[] = "";
       ss << file1;
       ss >> replace1;
       int result1;
      char oldname1[] = "FILENAME.TXT";
      char newname1[] = replace1;
      result1= rename( oldname1 , newname1 );
      if ( result1 == 0 )
        puts ( "File successfully renamed" );
        perror( "Error renaming file " );

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    > char replace1[] = "";
    You haven't allocated enough space (just one character in fact).

    > result1= rename( oldname1 , newname1 );
    Rather than messing around with char arrays, do everything with std::string variables.

    When it comes to the rename, do this
    result1= rename( oldname.c_str() , newname.c_str() );
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    thank you very much,
    it's working...
    also I insert char replacement: string datex = the_date;
    "datex" is char

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