Thread: armstrong problem statement in c++??

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    Question armstrong problem statement in c++??

    first of all please any one tell me what is a armstrong number.

    i have a problem statement in c++,cant find any logic to work on it.. can any one give me some hints to do it? please also explain my problem statement in simple wordings thats whats my problem statement is.. i cant understand it.. thnx

    Declare an integer array of size 10. Only first ten armstrong numbers can be stored in 0-9 indexes of your array , means Initially you have to find out first ten arm strong numbers and then store it in your array

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    An Armstrong number is equivalent to the sum of each of its digits raised to the number of digits.

    For example, 1634 is an Armstrong number (in base 10) as 1634 = 1^4 + 6^4 + 3^4 + 4^4 where I'm using ^ to represent "to the power of", not the C++ bitwise xor operator.

    As a hint, the value 1 is an Armstrong number (1 equals 1^1).
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