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    plugin container executables

    with several searches all i am finding is users having problems with plugin container executables slowing down their systems. the way it is made looks a lot like a trojie. i would like more information on exactly how the plug in container works and how to write code for it. what i know is that it removes a nonresponding plug in so that the main program can continue to run.

    why does the plugin container executable need to access the internet ?
    this behavior seriously comes off as a trojie.

    after installing the version 10 flash player i went back to the adobe web site. it said "hello googler". now i know i had just cleaned off all the lso tracking cookies. i know because i checked before i went to the site. i believe the flash player version 10 allows another undetectable cookie.

    who else has noticed this ?

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    Is your browser's home-page set as by any chance? Or did you perhaps click a link to Adobe from a Google search results list? (I put the website name into Google often just so I don't have to type the whole URL out and can just click the link.) If so, check this out. It doesn't matter how clean your system is, if you go to Adobe from Google, Adobe knows you came from Google unless you have something set up to block the referral info.
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    doh that i think is what happened. i was looking for more info on the plugin container executable and did click a link from google to goto adobe and got their falsh 10. thank you.

    i still do not understand why the plugin container would need to access the internet. aside from flash 10 i only have one other plug in. i decided to read up on firefox latest version before install.
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