Thread: Using the if() and || (or) statements properly.

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    Using the if() and || (or) statements properly.

    Please do excuse my lack of experience, but I have a (simple?) question that I cannot seem to find laying around.

    - Having issues combining conditions to test for if()
    - I wish to test multiple strings in one if statement, WITHOUT adding each particular thing to test for in its own parenthesis as done in the first example.

    if ((answ == "yes") || (answ == "Yes") || (answ == "YES"))
    Alternatives attempted:
    if (answ == "yes" || "Yes" || "YES")
    if (answ == "yes, "Yes", "YES")
    I'm sure it's something rather simplistic that I'm just missing out on, but no tutorials I've seen explain the process of testing multiple string conditions in an if statement.
    The first code I've included does work, but I presumed there was a better, more ethical way to approach my problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Well your first example is the only way to compare with each string variant.

    It is usually simpler to convert answ to lowercase, then have a single comparison with answ == "yes"

    The others are valid syntax, but they don't do what you want them to.
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    Good point. I should know it would be something so simple and mindblowing.. haha. And yes, I've noticed that the if statement tests positive regardless if I use any but the first.

    In regards to converting a string to lowercase, what syntax do you suggest?

    (Simplest solution please)

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    #include <iterator>
    #include <string>
    #include <algorithm>
    #incldue <cctype>
    std::string s("My string");
    std::string lower;
    std::transform(s.begin(), s.end(), std::back_inserter(lower), &std::tolower);
    Unfortunately, there is no simple function for transforming a string to lower-case. But it's simple if you know your way around the standard library.

    If you learn about iterators (especially back insert iterators), std::transform and std::lower, it should hopefully become obvious.
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