Thread: Problems from Algorithm Olympics

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    Problems from Algorithm Olympics

    Hey has anyone manage to get their hands on any of the problems that were in the 2010 (or later) algorithm olympics??

    I'm just interested to play around with them and see if I can make any elegant solutions for them.

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    Do you mean the International Olympics in Informatics? If so, just google IOI with a year number, like "IOI 2010", and then you could get your hands on IOI 2010's tasks,

    IOI 2010 - Competition Task

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    Hmm, that stuff looks fun!
    I've just read every single one and have a fair idea of what to do for every single one.
    I might give some of these a go later. I'm just playing the online hard maze game for now. I've scored 93 out of the possible 95 so far. I just can't figure out where to get the last two points from.
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