Hi Experts!
I have a quiestion...

1. in my header-file there is:

#define SENSOR_0 0xe0
#define SENSOR_1 0xe2
#define SENSOR_2 0xe4
#define SENSOR_3 0xe6
#define SENSOR_4 0xe8
#define SENSOR_5 0xea
#define SENSOR_6 0xec

with this macro-function:

#define getSensAdr(NR) SENS_ADR_##NR

if i write this code on my c-file


i get the right value (0xea)

The problem is if i use a variable to get the address of the define like this:

int i=5

then i get this error message (by the way i'm using gcc as my compiler)
../sensor.c:46: error: 'SENS_ADR_i' undeclared (first use in this function)

do you know if there is any way to solve this problem?

sorry about my english

thank u very much!