Thread: Recursive function gives undefined reference bug

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    Recursive function gives undefined reference bug

    The following section of my code is giving me problems (cout statements removed to save space):

      int CSP;
      void allocatecsp (); {
      cin >> CSP;
      cin >> sws;
      CSP = CSP - sws;
      cin >> axs;
      CSP = CSP - axs;
      cin >> sps;
      CSP = CSP - sps;
      cin >> bos;
      CSP = CSP - bos;
      cin >> shs;
      CSP = CSP - shs;
      int cspreallocate;
      if (CSP > 0) {
            cin >> cspreallocate;
            if (cspreallocate = 0) {
                allocatecsp ();     //  ********************
      else if (CSP < 0) {
           allocatecsp ();  // ********************
      else {
            cin >> cspreallocate;
            if (cspreallocate == 0) {
            allocatecsp (); // ********************
    When I try to compile, it returns "undefined reference to 'allocatecsp()'" error in the lines marked with stars. Any idea why this would be (all variables not declared here are declared above the top)?

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    void allocatecsp (); {
    should be:
    void allocatecsp () {
    This line looks like it has another mistake:
    if (cspreallocate = 0) {
    Furthermore, avoid the use of global variables, and although you made a good attempt at indentation, it could still be improved.
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