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    Programming hint required

    Sir, I want to know how could I use barcodes in my program. How can I read barcode in my c++ program and print from my c++program using my HP Deskjet 600 printer.

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    Sir, I want to know...
    well i don't think that anybody here has been Knighted yet, so you can drop the SIR, old chap.

    BTW. sorry cant help you there, though an interesting question??

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    Not sure of your exact requirements, but this may help...

    A) Most barcode readers plug into the keyboard port and emulate key presses, that is, you scan a bar code that represents, AB2784754, and that appears on the screen just as though the keyboard typed it. The conversion is done on a hardware level, so reading the keyboard buffer will sufice, most readers even append a C/R at the end of the code.

    B) If you're working in Windows it's possible to obtain barcode fonts and use them as you would any other font. If you're printing from DOS you're going to have trouble getting barcode's to print on your printer. Basically you will have to set the printer to some sort of graphics mode, you will then have to have you program build the barcode graphic from its component parts, there are many different types of bar codes, some easier to print/read than others, but each type has advantages and limitations.

    I hope this helps, can you give more of an idea of what you're trying to acomplish?


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