Thread: Deterministic finite automata programming

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    Deterministic finite automata programming

    I need some examples of turning DFA into regular expression (elimination of states algorithm) and DFA implementation in general in C++. If you could recommend me some sites I would be thankfull.

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    To save us wasting time telling you stuff you already know (or have seen), can you list some of the sites you've already found using google, and what exactly about each one of them was confusing you?
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    I've found, but the source is too much complicated for me and it has too much stuff that I don't need.

    I have solid knowelage of automata theory ang general C/C++ programming, but I've never made any program that works with automata. Because I have limited time for writing a code that makes regular expression from DFA using elimination of states algorithm, I don't want just to start experimenting on my own and make a lot of mistakes in main ideas. It would be helpfull to me if I could see some simple examples explaning how to represent states, alphabet,... automata in general and maybe algorithm that I need. Do you have some ideas where can I find that?

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    If you have a solid knowledge of automata theory and a solid knowledge of general C/C++ programming, why do you expect to make a lot of mistakes in main ideas?

    I don't have any examples of finite state automata, and I don't feel like writing any at this particular instant, so I can only suggest doing an online code search if you want to see some.

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