Thread: How do we make the program underline errors?

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    How do we make the program underline errors?

    Hi I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and am having problems getting the program to underline misspelled words that I have typed in. Here is a program I am writing in C++ and it seems to not underline the "junk" words I have typed at the end.

    Here is a screenshot:

    And I can't find the option to enable it anywhere in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. I have even enabled the

    *Underline errors in the editor
    *Show live semantic errors

    in Options → Text Editor → C# → Advanced but it still has not worked. Please help me.

    My OS is Windows XP with service pack 3 installed. And I believe I was required to install framework 4 in order to use this program.
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    As far as i'm aware off the c++ dint had this feature i think. And also if you had an option to enable such an option on VS for C# then those changes would just only apply for C# but not C++. Do would have different sub section called c++ under Text Editor if you had to choise the underling option.

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    Thanks for your input. I managed to fixed the problem by reinstalling the program. Maybe somehow data got corrupted the first time or something that is why the red underline never shows up.

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