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    can i make a c++ program under DOS that runs multitasking??? i want to do that for buttons and some other thigs... i can do buttons, but i have to check every time all the buttons (a small graphic actualy)... and if i have 50 buttons i have to check 50 contitions... is there a way to make multitasking???
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    (i'm running Borlad C++ Ver 3.1 under MSDOS)

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    Hmm I cant give you a definite yes because 1) ive never tried, and 2) i never really programmed dos much, just unix, then Win32 and a little dos stuff to play with. But id say that if your using G++ to see if you have the pthread.h and pthread.lib, it is the posix (unix) pthread library that is ported for Win32 and i believe it will work in a dos(console) application. If you dont have it I believe you can go here and download it: hope that helps you.
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