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    Win2k SetCurrentDir


    Does not work in W2k.

    I call this from OnFileOpen.. any way to overcome this problem

    void MyApp::OnFileOpen(){ char szCurrentDir[MAX_PATH]; ::GetCurrentDirectory(MAX_PATH, szCurrentDir); // switch to the default folder// THis also does not work GetMainFrame()->SetDefaultExperimentFolder();// THis does not work ::SetCurrentDirectory(GetMainFrame()->GetDataDirectory()); CWinApp::OnFileOpen(); ::SetCurrentDirectory(szCurrentDir);}

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    Talking Do this!!

    Did you do this, otherwise try it!!

    #include <direct.h>

    int main()
    int drive = 2; // Or whatever drive you want, this is C: for me
    if (! _chdrive(drive))
    { cerr << "Unable to locate current drive" << endl; }
    return 0;

    this should work, and you current drive should be C:, within this function...

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    If you arent talking about programming in a console, then forget about the last post.

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    It should work ok.....

    More likely you are passing an incorrect param to the function...

    Put the params in a messagebox each time you call them to see if any stray " marks have entered there......also call GetLastError after each call to SetCurrentDirectory() to see what grumbles the system may have....

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