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    Question Coding and compiling

    I don't know if it's the right forum to post this message, so if it's not please move it.

    I'v been using Code::Blocks for the programming, but now I'v been requested to use Borland (because of some compilation differences, as in *.eof() and some other functions). I know that I can use different compilers in Code::Blocks. I'v installed free Borland 5.5 compiler, but when I tried to compile programs with it throught Code::Blocks I get |Unable to open file 'C.OBJ'| error.
    Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

    I also saw some topics (FAQ: Please help to use Borland Compiler , I'm officially an idiot , Help with Borland C++ 5.5 ) about that at this forum, folowed all the steps (creatig *.cfg files), but it doesn't help

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    When you set up BC5.5, you set up a config file, which probably also set some environment variables as well.
    Typically, this means vars like INC and LIB (or INCLUDE, or other similar variations).

    One way is to start C::B from the command line where your compiler is set up (type "set" at the command prompt to see what vars are already set).

    Another way is to put those same environment variables into your system properties (see picture).
    These will be set the next time you log in, after which you should be able to just select C::B as normal.
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