Thread: reading/writing files to a server

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    reading/writing files to a server

    Hey programmers. Im starting out writing some 'intermediate' programs. Currently Im working on a chat program that is similar to an MMO chat feature.

    So far, I have all the basics in place. register username password, verify username/password, store all that in a file. and various other chat function stuff.

    okeydokey, on to the question:

    I want to store all the file info on a server and make it all secure and whatnot.

    if you guys could just send me on the correct direction on what libraries I should be looking into I would love you forever, possibly a couple tutorials, or something to google other than, "storing files on a server".

    anyway, thanks guys

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    To communicate securely with a server, you need some encrypted connection. The standard one is SSL. There is an open source library for it here:

    OpenSSL: The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS

    If you already knew about SSL, then that's all you need, I suppose. Otherwise, you need to google SSL and see how it works.

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