Thread: Little doubt regarding #ifdef __cplusplus

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    Little doubt regarding #ifdef __cplusplus

    Hi all
    This is my first post in this forum. If there is any mistake please forgive me.
    I have some functions in C code to which variables are passed from C++ files OR some functions in C files are called from C++ file.
    Will it be right if I enclosed definition of those functions in #ifdef __cplusplus ... #endif block in C file? Will those functions be called from C++ file ? OR I have to convert that C file to C++ file... Those functions are defined in so many C files, also there are some variables in C++ files which are used in C files...As the quantity of C files is large,it will be headache to convert those C files to C++ files...
    What is the best way to achieve it?

    Please give me suggestions.... Right now I am following the #ifdef __cplusplus way & it is getting compiled, But I am not sure whether it will run successfully...
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    If you've already got code, then don't touch it. This is why C++ gives you extern C -- surround the function prototype in an extern C block and the linker will know not to mangle the names.

    OR you can just recompile all the code -- don't touch it or edit it in any way (unless you're using reserved words like "class" or something), just add it to your project.

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