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    void* error

    Hi all.

    I've a problem with the void*. I explain it:

    void leggi_vettore(void* & v, int n, int t){
    		v = new float[n];
    	}else if(t==0){
    		v = new unsigned short[n];
    	}else cout << "Error!";
    	for (int i=0 ; i<n ; i++){
    		cout << "Inserimento in posizione [ " << i << " ]: ";
    		cin >> v[i];
    I want to have a dynamic array and I want to decide with "int t" if it must be float or unsigned short.
    When I did "cin >> v[i];" the compiler makes this error: "void* is not a pointer to object type".

    What I can do?

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    You need to convert v to an appropriate (non-void) pointer type, otherwise v[i] is invalid (there is no such thing in C++ as an array of voids).

    All the compiler knows about v in your last loop is that it is a pointer to void. It does not magically keep track of the fact you've created arrays of different types just beforehand - hence the complaint.
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