Thread: Get yesterdays date from time_t?

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    Get yesterdays date from time_t?

    I have a time_t structure with the current date/time.

    What I want is to work out yesterday's date from this. Just subtracting one from the day is not enough as it needs to take the first of the month into account and also the first of Jan into account. As month and/or year could change under these circumstances.

    Obviously I can write code to handle all these cases and wrap it up in a function but I just wondered if there already existed an easier way of doing this?

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    time_t is not a structure, it's just a plain value holding the number of seconds elapsed since 1/1/1970. You could subtract 60*60*24 from it, then you have the number that would have been returned yesterday.

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           struct tm *localtime(const time_t *timep);
           time_t mktime(struct tm *tm);
    Use localtime() to break a time into it's individual parts.

    Then do something like
    var.tm_mday--; // yesterday

    Then do mktime() to get back to where you started (but one day earlier)

    There is also gmtime(), if you want to avoid potential unpleasantness around daylight saving days.
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