Thread: Convert 6 lines of C++ to C# or

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    Convert 6 lines of C++ to C# or

    Dear All ,

    I am a , user . I have a problem with a code that has only 6 lines in C++ that I want to translate to or C# . Here is the code :

    GUCHAR GenerateCkSum(GUCHAR *pure_data, U2 size)
    GUCHAR chksum;
    I2 i;
    chksum = pure_data[0];
    for(i=1; i<size ; i++)
    chksum ^= pure_data[i];
    return chksum;
    the code calcualtes the checksum of a string . it makes for the following string "PTSI000,TSI" >>> gives a checksum of 4C. How can i make the code in or .

    Thank you all for your support ,


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