Thread: inheritence problem

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    inheritence problem

    hi i have a problem with this example that i copy online and is not working can someone help me
    using namespace std;
    class person
                int age;
               person(int age){ this -> age =age;}
    class basketballplayer:public person 
                 int point;
                 int steal;
                basketballplayer(int point, int steal, int age):person(age)
                  this -> point = point;
                  this -> steal = steal;
          basketballplayer tony; //why  is this not working

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    You have declared tony as a bb player, but you have not instantiated tony.
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    what is instantiated tony

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    The basketballplayer constructor requires 3 arguments, but you have supplied none.
    I'd also suggest properly indenting the code, making the member variables private.
    And finally making main return int, or the code will not compile.

    basketballplayer tony(100, 100, 10000);
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