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    C++ for Web-Applications

    Hello C++ world,

    I'm trying to make a decision to take part-2 of C++ and stick to it for life or jump into JAVA next semester and stick to it forever. My only instrest in C++ is hoping to write anything and everything Web-Server related, ONLY. I want to use using C++ and ASM over JAVA, but every where I google, everyone say learn JAVA for web-applications. How about some real-life information about C++ for web-applications. There is none I found on the WWW to date.

    As far as web-sites, I'm learning C++ in hope to use in web-development, "ONLY". Are these people saying "you can still write ANY web-applications in C++ but it's not going to be easy".

    I have not read this much anywhere but if this is true, I can live with it. This is my time that I will be using. I just need to know if it can be done. I mean, can ASM, C and C++ do the same and/or more when it comes to area of web-applications and web-development. If not, I'll take the course JAVA, but, if so, I'm going full-blast C++, than computer science. I'm sure it's harder to learn and write good code for a large project for Windows and UNIX servers but that is not a worry. I'm really liking C++ a whole lot, regardless of the negative things that many try to say about it, but no one complain of its speed over most other programming lang. I like to write it for a custom Windows and UNIX server and see it all for myself, instead of all the JAVA harra.

    Please advise.

    From the WWW while googling:
    Java has become very geared towards the enterprise crowd. There are some awesome tools, application servers and libraries provided with Java.

    C++ on the other-hand has a very loose standard. There is no standardized platform, libraries/tools or Graphical frameworks for the language. So you'd spend as much time, if not more becoming familiar with 3rd party tools like Boost and QT/WxWidgets etc to perform tasks that would be provided as part of the Java language libraries natively.

    That being said. C++ does have a performance advantage of 10-20% (if you write decent code) over Java because it's compiled and not interpreted through a runtime engine.

    You should pick the language that will best suit you in the long term. If you wanna get into programming highly optimized applications for financial sectors, or video games then C++ is an ideal language.

    If you wanna develop applications for large companies, web-services and huge scalable applications with >1,000+ clients then Java is going to be a better long-term decision.
    Please set me straight once and for all.

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    Programming languages are just tools to get a job done. Can you imagine a craftsman saying "oh, I'm sorry sir, I can't do this, see, it has screws and I'm a hammerer". Probably not. Different tasks will require different tools and sooner or later you will learn to use a lot of them. At a point in the future you will probably have forgotten about more languages than you can claim to be procifient with.

    It's not a decision about either C++ OR Java. Learn both. For now, pick the one that seems to be the most fun. The other will follow. Or maybe even a completely different language more suited to the job at hand.

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    If you want to write a Web-Server, C++ makes perfect sense to use.
    If you wish to use a Web-Server to serve a Web App or Web Page then C++ really does NOT make much sense.

    Tim S.

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    You guys make lot of since. There's nothing worse than trying to use a jig-saw to cut a wedding cake or writing a web server when there are tons of them already well written. I'll just learn how to use JAVA, PERL, PHP and squeeze in a few CGI, bench-marking apps and what nots in C++ and ASM so I don't miss out on any fun. I hear you guys loud and clear. Thanks.

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    I was about to drop it and take the easy way out using PHP but I just learn at the links below you CAN write lots of server-side applications in C++ with an more positive view of things. I read that most people should learn C++ first before trying others which usually use the same type syntax. That said, GO looks promising. You got to see the video. But it only sold me to try harder with C++ and use GO in the mix. I take my chances with C++, GO and PERL. Like I said, This may be a single 3 year hobby/project and I am not in a rush, so I don't have to write with those easy to use slow-trap-tools where you learn nothing, nada, jack.

    It only make since to cough-up the whole story; Since my Network+ class last semester it been all about the home network I'm building on and it is more for the KNOW-HOW and to get my Network+ Cert and more by not missing a single question. Anything beyond will be a bonus. Hand-on-experience beats textbook ONLY, at lease for me, I'm slow.

    The three AMD machines below are today 4-core, with top of the line MB's, etc. I just build them all last week and now I'm broke, busted but not discussed. This may be a complete over-kill but it should last for at lease 10000000 hours-MTBF, or tell death do us part.

    I *only* use FreeBSD. Still got a lot to learn but here is my up and coming set-up:

    1) DELL-3.00 Gateway (PF)
    2) DELL-3.00 Authentication server (POUND)
    3) amd64 3.0 Proxy server (accelerator)
    4) amd64 3.2 Web server (multi-jail-testing)
    5) amd64 2.6 Database server (MySQL)

    I will be using very little PHP and Python because I rather spend my time learning PERL, C++ and now GO for all I need to do. I hear D is for Windows ... I don't do Windows for servers. I face reality, Windows XP was the greatest desktop ever.

    Anyway, are there any other ideas? These are the latest sites I found for C++ Server and Web-Development so far. I'm hoping more info can come from through this forum that will provided lots of clues and why until all the facts are made clear, especially for noobs like me who are getting hook on C++ and this forum. It's getting like, I'm afraid I might miss something. Hope I find an networking forum as great some day.

    The Go Programming Language

    FastCGI C++ vs. A Script Language (PHP/Python/Perl) - Stack Overflow

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    I think you should go for java.Since java coding for networking and server is very easy and java is more secure also java web designers are paid wth handsome money
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