Thread: what api should i look into for reading from picture files?

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    Smile what api should i look into for reading from picture files?

    Today marks the third month since I started teaching myself c++, and to commemorate this milestone I want to challenge myself. I'm wanting to write a program that will flash back and forth between two pictures and find the differences between them. What should I start looking into to be able to do this? How do I access the information inside the picture file? Right now I'm at the level of the c++ made easy tutorials on this site and I've started a little opengl

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    Well i would suggest SDL, only because its the only one i ever learnt with any fluency and it has a wealth of powerful features that will be useful as you develop, but that does make it a little complicated, relatively speaking, i mean it can appear a bit tricky to get started with but you can find lots of good tutorials.
    The image file loading is simple and after learning a few things about pixel handling you will be able to parse image files using it.

    I definitely would not recommend you use openGL for this, thats like swatting a (large-ish) fly with a mallet. Learn a simpler API to get the understanding of simpler graphics.
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    Oh, no. I wasn't planning on using opengl. I was just trying to give an idea of what skill level I'm at right now. Considering I joined two years ago, does it make me a procrastinator that I just now started trying to learn again?
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    What do you mean by "flash back and forth between two pictures"?
    You can also use GD to work with images, I'd say finding a per-pixel difference between two files and then outputting a file based on one of them with different pixels marked with a, say, light-green colour should be fairly easy to do. Or maybe you thought about more advanced concept?

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    No, more complex. The concept is to see how far particular objects move between two pictures taken slightly apart from each other. Closer objects would appear to move more than farther away. The idea is that the program could tell distance, and possibly create 3d objects similar to how photosynth works.... But that would be a little later on....

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