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    Smile Struggling in programming pic18f452

    Hi everyone , Can u pls help me programming pic18f452 using C code , I need to send 40 victors to pic ports, e.g ( 20080) where, 2=port A , 0=port B , 0= port C , 8= port D , 0= port E. Delay for 3 second and send another different vector till all 40 vectors or commands finished. Looking forward to hearing from any one. Thanks in advance

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    What have you tried so far?
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    In particular, have you tried to send just ONE thing to ONE port?
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    1. Learn which C Compiler you are using
    Note: Microchip C18, Hi-Tech C, and a few others; each use a slightly different time delay setup.
    2. Learn to use simulation in MPLAB IDE (watching the ports value is real important)
    Note: Common Mistake forgetting to set the proper speed of MCU.
    3. Write a program that outputs a single byte to a port
    Note: Common Mistake not setting up port to be a output.
    4. Find out how to do a time delay
    Note: Are you going to use a routine supplied by the Compiler or write your own using hardware interrupts.
    Note: I would NOT recommend that you write your own.
    Note: If compiler supplied delay, you are likely to need to wrap it in a for loop since most compiler delays are for only fraction of seconds max.
    5. Write a program that outputs a second byte to a port after waiting the delay time.
    6. Create an constant array of 40 bytes needed for the port
    6B. use a for loop to increment though the array.
    7. Create the other arrays one per each port
    8. Program the real MCU; instead of using Simulator

    Tim S.
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    Thanks Tim S, that was good advice , I will try to follow that.

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    shift a bit through a byte

    Hi all, I am trying to learn programming pic 18f452 , can any one help in writing code to shift a bit through a byte? and how can I do that separatly with each port, thanks in advance.

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