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    Question encryption / decryption


    do you know where can i find a simply example in C++ using the MD5CryptoServiceProvider Class( MD5CryptoServiceProvider Class (System.Security.Cryptography) )

    Thank you.

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    Use the examples at the end of that page perhaps.

    Oh wait, it's only available in VB.
    I guess you'll either have to keep searching the web or buckle down to a bit of actual work in converting it.

    It can't be that hard, the method names are the same, and you can probably guess the rest. What remains is just a bit of syntax patching (begin / end being respective braces for example).
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    I see one in C++ .NET on that page:
       array<Byte>^ MD5hash( array<Byte>^data )
          // This is one implementation of the abstract class MD5.
          MD5^ md5 = gcnew MD5CryptoServiceProvider;
          array<Byte>^ result = md5->ComputeHash( data );
          return result;

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