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    Pointer question

    Hi, I'm a bit confused on this pointer question, can anyone shed some light on this?
    Please and thank you

    int main()
          int x = 10;
          int *p;
          p = &x;
          cout << p << endl; //should get address of x
          cout << &x << endl; //address of x
          cout << *(&x) << endl; //10
          cout << &p << endl; //<--- this is the address of p
          cout << *(&p) << endl; //address of x , but why is this the address of x??
          return 0;

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    *(&p) == p == &x
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    Inside my computer
    &p -> get the address of the pointer p, hence making a pointer to the pointer.
    *(&p) -> dereference that pointer to the pointer p, getting back the original pointer p.
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