Thread: ambiguous operator problem

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    ambiguous operator problem

    Right now (for testing purposes), I have two functions in my class besides the default constructor:
    #1: char operator [](unsigned long iIndex) const;
    #2: operator const char *() const;

    Later on, I attempt to use the first function in a call. When I try to compile the code (posted below), the MS VC++ 6 compiler stops on the "char c=sTest[0];" line with this single error message: "error C2666: '[]' : 2 overloads have similar conversions".

    Since #1 takes 1 argument, and #2 doesn't take any arguments, I don't see how the compiler could see this as ambiguous. Removing #2 fixes the error, but I would really like to have both available in my class. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could swear I've compiled code like this on NON-MS compilers :(

    Here's the class + the code that calls it:
    class DString {
          char operator [](unsigned long iIndex) const;
          operator const char *() const; // When line removed, error goes away
          char szString[2];
       { szString[0]='X'; szString[1]='\0'; }
    char DString::operator [](unsigned long iIndex) const 
       {  return szString[iIndex]; }
    DString::operator const char *() const 
       {  return szString; }
    void main(int argc, char* argv[])
       {  DString sTest;
          char c=sTest[0];  // ERROR occurs here
          cout << "First char:" << c << endl;    
          cout << "String is:" << sTest << endl; 

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    Compiles just fine (after changing void main to int!) with DJGPP...
    kooma -

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    So, does this mean the the MS compiler interprets the ANSI C++ standard such that nobody can overload both the (operator []) and (operator char *) functions in the same class?!!

    That is ludicrous.

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    I think Stoned_Coder ran into this problem awhile ago. I had a somewhat similiar problem (made a 3d vector class, and wanted automatic conversion to float* so it would get along easier with OpenGL, but then I couldn't have an overloaded output operator). Eventually, I scrapped the float* automatic conversion. Basically, I'd recommend you do the same thing.. this way you won't have any problems with unintended conversions, and you still get the subscript operator.
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