Thread: Job rejected me because of programming document I sent them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by antbtr View Post
    Swarvy: where can I find OpenGL or DirectX tasks to do ?
    If you have had little or no exposure to OpenGL I suggest starting with some tutorials. There are lots of possibilities if you google "OpenGL tutorials". There are even video tutorials on youtube etc if you find it easier to learn that way.

    I suggest learning OpenGL using a associated library such as freeglut or GLFW at first because the extra features offered by these libraries generally make your life easier. In fact, most tutorials offered on the internet seem to be specifically geared to using some form of GLUT, which again makes it a sensible choice.

    Once you have an understanding of the basics of OpenGL you could do a small project which involves loading a model file (exactly which model file format I leave to you, but you could save yourself some work by using a format where the file import/export source code is freely available), and renders it to the screen. Then maybe think about adding in controls so that you can pan around the model, zoom in and out etc. If the model is animated then potentially you could draw the animation with a control to vary the running speed of the animation.

    You could do a similar method with DirectX (in fact, doing it with DirectX would probably be easier, simply because of the sheer power of OpenGL), ultimately culminating in the development of a simple 3D model viewer.

    You don't have to do a 3D model viewer, but it seems like a good comprimise if you ask me - Complicated enough to impress people but at the same time, not so complicated that you will be working on it for the next year before it is complete.

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    These are very dated OpenGL tutorials, but they will get your feet wet. Just a word with graphics/3D programming, it can be some of the most difficult programming with one of the steepest curves (not saying there isn't worse, though). So if you are new to graphics programming, you will spend quite a bit of time learning.
    Graphics tutorials in OpenGL (NeHe)

    As for showing linked lists as a potential job or even consultant position, I agree with the company. Anyone can do linked lists, they were probably thinking "so what?". Do something you know will set you apart that is both original, and challenging. They don't want to see what you learned in class with your other 30 classmates.

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    Thanks guys,

    What do you mean model file? Yes I am new to OpenGL and programming graphics/3D ...

    I will let you know how I get on , but if I do such a project and re-apply would they be impressed by it?
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    I'm not an expert, but:

    Do you have any knowledge about projects they are actually developing? What kind of applications are they focused on? Do they care about low level programming? Do they even care about graphics engines?

    It looks strange that they require procedural programming with C++, but it's possible.

    Learning assembly might be a good option too, combining it with C. Consider asm+C, which can be a more valuable knowledge for them.
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    Well, they didn't tell me about any programs they do or what programming level you should be at they only said you need procedural c++ ... Even though I told them I have high level in OOP

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