Thread: ow can i use comparison operator in my own Priority Queue Class

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    Unhappy ow can i use comparison operator in my own Priority Queue Class

    Hi I am in beginner level in C++. I am making my own priority queue class, I have instruction that I want to use the comparison operator(operator <) for determine best priority. So how can I use that in my priority class???.Here just I tried:

    template<typename T>
    class MyPQ
    	vector<T> vecImp;
    	MyPQ(T &data)
    	bool empty() const
    			return true;
    			return false;
    	void push(const T &data)
    	T pop()
    	// pop code
    	T getData()
    		return data;
    	void insertData(const T& insert)
    	bool operator< (const MyPQ& Q1)
    		return data <;
    	T data;
    So my problem where I can use the comparison method? in pop() method? or in the main routine?

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    How exactly do you plan to implement the "priority" aspect of your priority queue? For example, do you intend to keep your vector sorted when pushing, or do you intend to linear search for and remove the smallest/largest element when popping, or have you been told about the heap data structure?
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