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    Help with tables in C++


    How can I create a table of hex numbers and store it in memory so that I could read and write from and to the table easily? Or is it just easier to create a text file and use the I/O commands to read and write? How about just creating an array of hex numbers and going through that?

    I am looking for the simplest way possible because this is part of a bigger project.

    My table contains 4 digit hex numbers (like 123A) in each row and a total of 1024 rows all in one column.

    I am new to C++ programming and would appreciate any help.



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    It's all hex (or binary) at the machine level.
    'base' is just a convenient representation for the user. There is nothing magic about this.

    int array[10] = { 1024, 2048 };
    is no different to
    int array[10] = { 0x0400, 0x0800 };
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