Thread: Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger Error

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    Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger Error

    Hello everybody I'm in the middle of programming a basic console application that is supposed to be a stock market game for my programming class in c++. I have run into this weird error involving a Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger window popping up saying I have a Win 32 unhandled exception even though I am using Code::Blocks 10.05 as my IDE, not Visual C++.

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    Now my whole project is rather long(at least from my point of view) so far but basically what happens is that I have a main function, a class named CStock(which is what the stocks in my game are made from) and then a bunch of other functions that make up different parts of the program (generating a random number, publishing the prices to the console, and some others).

    I had started out declaring the different stocks after the Class using their names (Gold, Silver, Beef, etc), but then I wanted to declare them as an array instead so that it would be easier to add or change the amount of stocks I had in the game.

    Once I changed to declaring the stocks after the class as an array, however, I got the error. I do not receive the error if I declare the array of stocks during a seperate function (not directly after the class), but then I cannot access the array of stocks in all the functions of my program.

    Here Is my code so far and I would greatly appreciate any help/ advice anyone has to offer.

    //This class creates a stock with the initial name and value inputted
    class CStock
                int iPrice, iTrend, iChange, iAmountOwned;
                string sStockName;
                CStock();                      //constructor
                void ChangePrice()
                //changes this stock's price
                    int iRanNum;
                    iRanNum = RandomNumber(-50, 50);
                    //iRanNum = (rand() % 101) - 50;
                void PublishPrice()
                //publishes the current info for this stock
                    cout<<sStockName<<" Price: "<<iPrice<<" Change: "<<iChange<<" Trend: "<<iTrend<<endl;
                void Buy(int iAmountToBuy)
                //Buys an amount of stocks for the user
                    int iTotalCost;
                    //calculates total price
                    //only buys the stocks if you have enough money too
                    cout<<endl<<"Money: "<<iUserMoney<<" "<<sStockName<<" Owned: "<<iAmountOwned<<endl;
                    else{cout<<endl<<"Get more money you hobo!"<<endl;};
                void Sell(int iAmountToSell)
                //Sells an amount of stocks for the user
                {   //only sells if you input a valid amount to sell
                    if(iAmountOwned>0 && iAmountToSell<=iAmountOwned)
                        int iMoneyEarned;
                        //calculates how much money you will earn and adds it to user's total money
                        //as well as subtracting the amount of stocks that were sold
                        cout<<endl<<"Money: "<<iUserMoney<<" "<<sStockName<<" Owned: "<<iAmountOwned<<endl;
                    else{cout<<endl<<"You cannot sell that many!"<<endl;}   //outputs this message if an invalid amount is tried to be sold
                void SetValues(string InpStockName, int InpPrice, int InpAmountOwned)
                //this function sets the values for the stock
                        sStockName = InpStockName;
                        iPrice = InpPrice;
                        iAmountOwned = InpAmountOwned;
    }Stock[4]; //this causes the error when declared here******************************************************************
    //CGold("Gold", 1000), CSteel("Steel", 1000), CBeef("Beef", 1000), CWheat("Wheat", 1000), CSilver("Silver", 1000);
    //Stock class constructor that sets the values to default before they are specified
                sStockName = "unnamed";
                iPrice = 1000;
                iTrend = 0;
                iChange = 0;
                iAmountOwned = 0;
    void SetStockValues()
    //this sets the values for all the declared stocks
        //CStock Stock[4]; no error when declared here, but only usable within this function**************************************************
        Stock[0].SetValues("Gold", 1000, 0);
        Stock[1].SetValues("Silver", 1000, 0);
        Stock[2].SetValues("Beef", 1000, 0);
        Stock[3].SetValues("Wheat", 1000, 0);
        Stock[4].SetValues("Steel", 1000, 0);
    edited for linesize and readability. -nv

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    It means that you have Visual Studio installed and it is set to catch errors that occurs (instead of the "this program has done something illegal and needs to be closed") and offers to launch a debugger to see where the error lies.
    In other words, your program crashed.

    So I suggest you open up C::B and launch it in a debugger or using Visual Studio to find out where the error occurs. Then backtrace to find the problem.
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    io.h certainly IS included in some modern compilers. It is no longer part of the standard for C, but it is nevertheless, included in the very latest Pelles C versions.
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    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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