Thread: How do i link buttons?

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    How do i link buttons?

    I have been doing some programing lately, however I would like to put them into Microsoft visual C++ express (I already know how to make buttons and place them along with the other tools) but my problem is that I can't find anywhere that tells me how to link them so that they do something, also I would like to learn how to link the other types of stuff in visual programing so that my programs are user friendly.

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    just what sort of programming exactly are you talking about? your post suggest a gui layer as opposed to you creating your own buttons in a graphics api , in which case you need to refer to the documentation and find out about the event handling programming interface. in either case you need to find how to manage events for your chosen development tool
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    Do you have access to Professional or higher edition? If so, you could use MFC. A quick MFC tutorial should get you started, then.
    Otherwise you may have to revert to Win32 API or some 3rd party framework such as Qt, wxWidgets, etc.
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