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    Red face mkng linked list

    this code only makes two nodes and at the time of making third node it stucks
    	void addnode(int x, int r,int c)//+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=addnode
    		node* nodeptr = new node;
    		node* temptr;
    		temptr = headptr;
    		nodeptr->val = x;;
    		nodeptr->rowval = r;
    		nodeptr->colval = c;
    	    nodeptr->next = NULL;
    		if ( headptr == NULL )
    			headptr = nodeptr;
    			cout<<"headptr->value"<<" "<<headptr->val<<endl;
    			cout<<"headptr->row"<<" "<<headptr->rowval<<endl;
    		    cout<<"headptr->col"<<" "<<headptr->colval<<endl;
    		//	return headptr;
    			 if (headptr != NULL )
    				 while(temptr->next!= NULL )
    					temptr->next = temptr;
    			temptr->next = nodeptr;
    			temptr = nodeptr;
    			cout<<"temptr->val"<<" "<<temptr->val<<endl;
    		cout<<"temptr->rowval"<<" "<<temptr->rowval<<endl;
    		cout<<"temptr->colval"<<" "<<temptr->colval<<endl;
    		//return nodeptr;

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    Where is any function call of addnode?
    What is 'node'?
    What is x, r and c?
    What is headptr?
    How do you pass list object to the addnode function?
    I see commented return statements while the function is 'void'. What did you want to return?
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